Grandmaster Qian Yuanze

Grandmaster Qian Yuanze was selected one of China¡¯s Top Ten Wushu Coaches in 1995 and is a master of both traditional and contemporary styles. He is a lineage holder in Yang Style Tai Chi, Baguazhang, and Xingyiquan; a sixth generation student of legendary kung fu Grandmaster Gan Fengchui; and a fourth generation disciple of the famous Jingwumen school. Since 1971, when he became head coach of the Jiangsu wushu team, he has coached top champions throughout the world. He has also coached teams in Mexico, Thailand, the Philippines, and the Netherlands. His other accomplishments include several published books about wushu, frequently serving as chief judge at regional and national tournaments, and serving in various capacities for wushu associations, such as revising national and international competition rules.