Jiang BangJun,

the former lead athlete and the chief coach of Beijing Wushu Team



. Wushu World Champion (ChangQuan) at the 6th World Wushu Championships (2001),

. All-Round National Wushu Champion in 1996 & 1998, in China,

. Many times National Champion in ChanQuan, Sword, Spear, 3 types of boxing, double weapons and 3 people choreographed fight.

. Selected by the International Wushu Federation to be the official demonstrator for ChangQuan form.


Working Experience:

. June 1994 -- Graduated in Shenyang Sports University, China, major in sports education and became the coach in Shenyang Sports University;

. July 1995 每 Lead athlete and coach in Beijing Wushu Team;

. 1999 and 2000 每 Coach in Hongkong Wushu Team;

. April and May, 2002 每 Coach in Russian National Wushu Team;

. 2004 and 2005 每 Seminars in Toronto held by Canada Wushu Federation;

. September 2003 to Present 每 Coach in U.S.