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Moving Step Push Hands

After 3 revolutions with the hands, each competitor may begin moving and proceed until told to stop by the

There will be one round of 90 seconds PUSHING TIME. The clock will stop whenever the referee stops to
obtain scoring from the judges.

Score will be awarded based upon infractions or mistakes from an opponent. Points will be awarded for the
same infractions as with the restricted step push hands except, of course, competitors are now allowed to
move at will.

Points will be awarded as follows:

1 Point:

Awarded when one??s opponent loses balance, uses excessive force, forcefully holds on, double grabbing and
all other infractions listed in the restricted step push hands.
The referees and judges will especially watch out for holding. In addition, points are also awarded when one??s
opponent steps or is forced out of the circles.

2 Points:

Awarded when the opponent steps ON or outside the inner circle.

3 Points:

Awarded when ANY part of the body touches or falls outside these circles.

The same scoring procedure as for the restricted step push hands shall be used. As with restricted step
regulations, the referee shall stop the match upon seeing struggling by both competitors and no points are

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