Mrs. Chienli Lo Wu, was born in Taiwan, started Kung Fu training at age 10, under the guidance of Master Dao Kuei Le. Grand Master Lee is the only master in Taiwan taught Chin Woo Martial Art. She attended a lot of Kung Fu Exhibition in Taiwan and won numerous medals in a lot of competitions. When she was in National Taiwan University also studied Eight Step Praying Mantis from Grand Master Hsiao Tan Wei who was the only Master of Eight Step Praying Mantis in the world. Also Mrs. Wu learned Yang Style Tai Chi from her father Mr. Lung Tsao Lo who studied Yang Style Tai Chi from Grand Master Shi, Tiao Mei. Grand Master Shi learned Yang Style Tai Chi from Grand Master Tian, Zhao Lin who is a student of Yang Cheng Fu.

     Mrs. Wu started to teach Martial Art from 1975. She has taught Traditional YangĄ¯s Style Tai in Chinese School of Central Florida, Houston County Community Center and from 1982 being teaching at Chinese Culture Center. Also, she helps to coordinate the annual Chinese Martial Art Exhibition from 1988 till now. She taught YangĄ¯s Style Tai Chi, pushing hands and swords also various forms and weapons from Chin Woo.