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Houston International Martial Arts Championship


The Houston International Martial Arts Championship (HIMAC) is hosted by the USA Chen Tai Chi Federation (USCTF), a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. The objectives of the USCTF are to promote the use of martial arts in developing better health in all people, educate our society of the benefits of Chen Tai Chi and its philosophy, encourage people to participate in community service, promote Chinese culture, and expand communication with all people regardless of race, religion or political view.

According to the Cooper Institutes Change a Life magazine, during an hour while you??

re watching television, 96 Americans will die from cardiovascular diseases, 64 Americans will die from cancer, and 8 Americans will die from diabetes. Moreover, there are other illnesses related to working in an office work environment. For example: neck pain, stomach ulcers, insomnia, headaches, loss of appetite, obesity, sickness caused by obesity, high cholesterol, kidney disease, pulmonary tuberculosis, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. All of these illnesses are caused directly or indirectly by the lack of exercise. By maintaining an effective Tai Chi health program, the incidence rate of these health problems can be improved.

Therefore, the goal of hosting this HIMAC tournament is to create an awareness of the martial arts and its health benefits. We want to enhance people??s interest in and perspective of exercise and to introduce all mankind to Tai Chi exercise to gain good health, promote family wellness and reduce illness. We appeal to all professions, organizations and individuals for the health of your families and friends to support the HIMAC tournament. The HIMAC tournament will benefit our society and descendants. It will stimulate a more vigorous and healthier society.

Hosted by: The International Chen Style Tai Chi Development Center,9730 Townpark Drive # 116 Houston, Texas 77036

TEL:713-270-6797 Email: jincaich@gmail.com