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Shuai Jiao

Each bout shall consist of 3 rounds, each of which shall last a maximum of 2 minutes with 1 minute rest
between them. The round starts when the referee gives the signal and stops each time he/she indicates
verbally and with the proper signal. The timekeeper will signal with an audible bell, buzzer, or whistle when 30
seconds are left in the round and when time expires in each round.

The result of a match will be determined by the first competitor to score 2 points or by the highest score at
the end of 3 rounds, tie break, decision, disqualification, or by a foul imposed upon one contestant. The
points awarded will be based on the general Shuai Chiao rules and regulations.

Hosted by: The International Chen Style Tai Chi Development Center,9730 Townpark Drive # 116 Houston, Texas 77036

TEL:713-270-6797 Email: jincaich@gmail.com